We at Hulas Steel over the period of time have specialized in Galvanizing and Shaping of Steel. Hulas Steel Industries Ltd. is a unique venture in the country. Our products of high standards find use in almost walks of life. Cold rolled steel sheets in coils, roofing sheets, pipes and – pipe fittings, poles and towers and even large components for complex engineering structures like bridges are manufactured at our production facilities located at Simra (Bara) Nepal.

This consistent perspective is evidenced in our relationship with our employees, suppliers, customers, partners and bankers. Maximum freedom and opportunity is given to our employees to grow and fully utilize their entrepreneurial and engineering skills.

The company has made a significant contribution in the training and development of human resources by providing adequate international exposure to newer technologies and managerial skills.

Nepal today is opening up. And the global economy is likely to become a single large market, where only the fittest survive. At Hulas Steel, we have identified one important competitive advantage-superior technology, as an essential element for comfort.

We believe in using steel solutions to make a positive, healthy and Eco-friendly contribution to the shaping of progress and the economy. A belief that has driven the company’s sheet galvanizing division  Structures & Poles divisions to be merited with ISO 9001 certification for Quality Management System