‘GALVAALUM’ Sheets are Cold rolled sheets coated with 55% of Aluminum, 43.5% of zinc, and 1.5% of silicon. ‘Galvaalum’offers superior corrosion resistance compared to other coating technology and increases the durability and strength by three times compared with galvanized roofing sheets. Galvaalum will also be available in colour under the brand ‘Hulas DuraColour’.
First in Nepal, the coating is done using Australian technology and will increase the life of roofing sheets by three times. Hulas Galvaalum and Hulas Duracolour will be available in the Nepali market at respective dealers, depots, and branch offices.
Hulas Steel Industries Limited, established in 1981 with the first galvanized sheet in Nepal and in 1989 with the first colour coated sheet using Japanese technology has changed the definition of roofing sheets in Nepal from past 4 decades and now proudly takes the Nepal Roofing industry to global standards with the launch of ‘Hulas Galvaalum’ and ‘Hulas DuraColour’.
Hulas Steel also manufactures Black Pipes, Galvanized Pipes, Electricity Poles, Shuttering, and Decking profiles.

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