I’m a businessman. I have made a shade for my factory with Hulas Heritage Roofing Sheets. No one else has created such shades in my area, so people are very much curious about my factory’s look as it’s unique and beautiful. Once I went to China, for a business trip. Visiting beautiful factories having different shades of color patterns and styles, I also wanted to build something that would look classy and attractive. Hulas Sheets are different from other sheets as they have various profile options for various usage. I ordered size and color for my factory’s construction, so they customized the sheets according to my preference. I feel happy to hear people giving me good feedback and praising my factory’s looks. I hope my factory’s look will become a good reference for others too. Compared to other expensive metal and prefab sheets, I preferred Hulas Sheets because they are cost-effective, simple, and quick to build.