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Established in 1981 as a joint venture between Golchha Organization, Nepal, and Comcraft LTD, Singapore. Our brand ‘ HULAS’ with the Rhododendron symbol has become synonymous with quality in roofing sheets, aluminum, poles, and structure. “HIPCO” Brand has become the leading brand in Galvanized and Black MS Tubes.

Hulas Steel believes in creating sustainable growth by keeping in mind the environmental consequences and minimizing wastes. It also believes in achieving its business objectives ethically, transparently, and with accountability to its stakeholders across the value chain. Hulas is committed to promoting integrated responsible behavior and value for social and environmental well-being.


* Nepal’s first steel company
* A wide range of products include cold rolled mill, galvanized sheet, color coated sheet, galvalume, pipes, and aluminium
* Nepal’s first galvanized sheet producer
* Nepal’s first color coated sheet producer
* Nepal’s first galvalume producer


With Nepal being one of the fastest-growing economies in the world, speedy prosperity is what has sought. Needless to say, fast-paced development would be impossible without the required infrastructure. It is not just about erecting buildings and skyscrapers. It is about building a nation and eventually shaping its progress. Hence, Hulas Steel Industries Pvt. Ltd is striving to achieve the very growth of the nation. The national flower of Nepal, Lali Gurans (Red Rhododendron) stands for so much more than its physical beauty. Blooming in springtime amidst the Himalayas, the flower unleashes a riot of crimson hues across our country every year giving the vibrancy and warmth that resonates the celebration of life. The flower of the steep hills also resembles the re-emergence of life and is the icon of hope wherein lies the sustenance we yearn for. Inspired by the very features of the national emblem, Hulas Steel adopted it as its corporate logo to represent the sole goal of the company, which is to seek and strive in the face of the insurmountable.


Hulas Steel was jointly established in 1981 as a Greenfield venture by Golchha Organisation of Nepal and Comcraft of Switzerland. Golchha Organisation was founded in 1934 A.D. by the dynamic and charismatic chairman, Late Seth Sri Ram Lal Golchha. Since then, the organization has been at the forefront of industries and commercial development in the country and has pioneered the introduction of technical excellence, professionalism, and innovation in all spheres of business. Products and brands developed and nurtured by member companies of the organization have become trusted household names throughout Nepal.

Two years after its inception, Hulas Steel introduced its galvanizing line for its sheet division in 1983. It was eventually followed by the foundation of Himali Pipco for its tube division in 1986. In 1989, the company became the pioneers to produce color-coated sheets in the SAARC region. With the continuous advancement in the quality of its products and overall production, Hulas has also received the certifications ISO 9001: 2000 in 2001

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