Hulas Telescopic Poles

Hulas Telescopic poles are manufactured from 2.0 mm and above Hot Rolled Steel Sheets conforming to JIS specification [JIS-6-3132]. These are light poles of either 1.25 meters, 2 meters, or 2.5 meters in length. Each one, when stacked on top of the other, easily fits with the help of wooden holders. Because of their lightweight design, these poles can be easily transported manually through rough terrain and hilly areas. The poles are primarily used for H.T. transmission/distribution lines.

Technical Specification of Hulas Telescopic poles is Steel Tensile Strength: 550N/mm2,550N/mm2; Steel Yield Strength : 320,360,400N/mm2; Thickness: 2mm and more; Steel Elongation: 8% or above and Zinc Coating: 460gm/m2,550gm/m2,610gm/m2.

We can supply poles of thickness and strengths other than mentioned here.