Hulas Tubular Poles

Hulas Steel Industries Ltd. over the years has developed technology and expertise in manufacturing tubular steel poles for various purposes such as street light poles, low tension transmission line poles. H.T. transmission line poles, telephone poles and accessories for above such as cross arms bracing etc.
Swaged poles manufactured for LT. transmission basically uses structural pipes of two different diameteres are formed in by swaging. H.T. transmission and telephone pole uses large presses, other bending machines and jigs ad per requirements. Welding is done by using various Arc Welding process inclding seam welding, MIG and submerged arc welding. H.T. and telephone poles are usually galvanised.
Hulas Steel Industries Ltd. has facility for galvanizing poles / transmission tower parts, steel bridge parts upto 7.0 mtr. length in single dip.

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