How is it like to work at Hulas Steels? From the employees of Hulas Steels.

We believe in creating sustainable growth while balancing utilization of natural resources and social development in its business decisions.

Established in 1981 as a joint venture between Golchha Organization, Nepal, and Comcraft LTD, Singapore. Our brand ‘ HULAS’ with the Rhododendron symbol has become synonymous with quality in roofing sheets, aluminum, poles, and structure. “HIPCO” Brand has become the leading brand in Galvanized and Black MS Tubes.
Hulas Steel believes in creating sustainable growth by keeping in mind the environmental consequences and minimizing wastes. It also believes in achieving its business objectives ethically, transparently, and with accountability to its stakeholders across the value chain. Hulas is committed to promoting integrated responsible behavior and value for social and environmental well-being.