Kitchen Cabinet



Hulas Kitchen Cabinets are very stylish, have a sleek design, and modernized look. The main benefits of Aluminium Kitchen Cabinets are, they are waterproof, rust-proof, and easy to clean. Carpentry work such as wooden cabinets is easily damaged by moisture or humidity. Aluminium kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, are anti-fungal, infestation, and all-time trendy.

First Aluminium Industry of Nepal 120 GSM Zinc Coating
Made with Advanced Technology 120 GSM Zinc Coating
Highly Resistant Against Weather Conditions 120 GSM Zinc Coating
4000 Metric Tonne Production Capacity 120 GSM Zinc Coating
Largest Selling Aluminium Profiles in Nepal 120 GSM Zinc Coating
Roofing Sheets
Available Thickness
1.0 mm
Extruded Profiles with Tempering
Minimum Natural Anodized
8 microns
Powder Coating
50 microns (+/- 10 microns)
Colour Range
Black, Brown, Ivory
Tensile Strength
Min 18 kg/mm2

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