Galvanized Pipes

Hipco Pipes


HIPCO Galvanized Pipes are Hot Dip Galvanized,  end faced, and hydro tested pipes. The produced pipes are marked with color bands for their class identification as per the guidelines of Nepal Standard, Bureau of Indian Standards, and British Standard Institution. HIPCO Pipes is the most trusted brand in Nepal Since 1980’s. They are available in the sizes of ½ inches to 8 inches.

Rust-Resistant and Highly Reliable 120 GSM Zinc Coating
High Pressure Tested 120 GSM Zinc Coating
Anti - Corrosion 120 GSM Zinc Coating
Proper Weight 120 GSM Zinc Coating
High Quality Galvanizing 120 GSM Zinc Coating
Roofing Sheets
Available Sizes
0.5” - 8”
Available thicknesses
1.20 mm - 5.10 mm

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