Structural Pipes

Hipco Pipes


Structural steel pipes are manufactured using the same process as water pipes. However, the steel used has higher tensile/yield strength. We typically use high-grade steel with a tensile strength of 42/55 kg/cm² as per customer requirements. The steel is usually selected according to JIS G-3132, SPHT2, 3, or 4, or IS 11513/1985 standards for this purpose. Structural pipes are primarily used in the manufacturing of poles and welded structures. The use of high-grade structural steel significantly reduces steel consumption. Pipes of structural grade typically conform to IS 1161/1979, JIS G-3444/1993, and BS 1387/1985."

Rust-Resistant and Highly Reliable 120 GSM Zinc Coating
High Pressure Tested 120 GSM Zinc Coating
Anti - Corrosion 120 GSM Zinc Coating
Proper Weight 120 GSM Zinc Coating
High Quality Galvanizing 120 GSM Zinc Coating
Roofing Sheets
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0.5" to 8"