Hulas Diamond

Hulas Roofing Sheet


Hulas Diamond Sheets are a unique roofing solution, marking a significant milestone as Nepal's first-ever Diamond Embossed Roofing Sheet. These innovative sheets outperform conventional galvanized options with their exceptional durability and attractive European design, ensuring they stand the test of time while enhancing the aesthetics of any structure.
Crafted for both residential and industrial applications, Hulas Diamond Sheets are renowned for their superior strength and long-lasting performance. They are available in plain sheets as well as a variety of corrugated profiles, in both Galvaalum and Duracolour finishes.
Choose Hulas Diamond Sheets for roofing and side cladding that combines style, durability, and strength – setting new standards in the roofing industry


Made with Japanese Standard 120 GSM Zinc Coating
Premium Roofing Solution 120 GSM Zinc Coating
Aluminium & Zinc Coating 120 GSM Zinc Coating
High Standards of UV Protection 120 GSM Zinc Coating
Environment Friendly Technology 120 GSM Zinc Coating
Roofing Sheets
Available Color
Green, Maroon, and Blue
Effective Width
690 mm
Total Coated Thickness Galvaalum
0.26 mm - 0.52 mm
Total Coated Thickness DuraColour
0.29 mm - 0.55 mm
Available in Length
6' to 20'

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