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Hipco Superbuild is a venture of the most trusted brand Hulas Steel, which was established in 1981 as a Greenfield venture by its parent Organization, Golchha Organization of Nepal and Comcraft. Golchha Organization was founded in 1934 A.D by the dynamic and charismatic chairman, Late Seth Sri Ram Lal Golchha. Since then, the organization has been at the forefront of industries and commercial development in the country and has pioneered in technical excellence, professionalism and innovation in all spheres of business.

Hulas Steel

We believe in creating sustainable growth while balancing utilization of natural resources and social development in its business decisions.


ISO 9001:14001 CERTIFIED

Hulas Steel was awarded national recognition for its quality steel tubes by Nepal Standards. The Company has now obtained ISO 9001:14001 Certification for its manufacturing activities.



Hulas Steel is a leading manufacturer of galvanized sheets, color coated sheets for 3 decades. Its Gurans brand sheets are famous in Nepal for their quality which makes them at the top of the ranking table.



The division is equipped with three tube mills manufacturing 1/2" to 8" NB nominal Bore ERW steel pipes, square, rectangular, and hollow section pipes. There is a downstream galvanizing line for the manufacture of GI Pipes together with complete balancing facilities such as end-facing machines and threading machines.




  • Nepal’s first steel company
  • A wide range of products include cold rolled mill, galvanized sheet, color coated sheet, galvalume, pipes, and aluminium
  • Nepal’s first galvanized sheet producer
  • Nepal’s first color coated sheet producer
  • Nepal’s first galvalume producer


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I'm a businessman. I have made a shade for my factory with Hulas Heritage Roofing Sheets. No one else has created such shades in my area, so people are very much curious about my factory's look as it's unique and beautiful. Once I went to China, for a business trip. Visiting beautiful factories having different shades of color patterns and styles, I also wanted to build something that would look classy and attractive. Hulas Sheets are different from other sheets as they have various profile options for various usage. I ordered size and color for my factory's construction, so they customized the sheets according to my preference. I feel happy to hear people giving me good feedback and praising my factory's looks. I hope my factory's look will become a good reference for others too. Compared to other expensive metal and prefab sheets, I preferred Hulas Sheets because they are cost-effective, simple, and quick to build.

Sukhdev Joshi

The most premium brand in Nepal specialising in Galvanised and Colour Coated Roofing Sheets, Pipes. Definitely recommending since I have been a user for almost 5 years now.

Prabodh Siwakoty

Managing Director
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